Look to Celebrities for Inspiration, Not Answers.

Harrison Ford has been spending a lot of time and energy working to protect the environment when he is not making action movies. He is the 2018 Ambassador for the Indianapolis Prize and has been focusing how to protect Indonesian rainforests from deforestation due to the demand for Palm Oil. I got a chance to ask him what role America should play to solve world environmental problems, including the destruction of rainforests.

Unfortunately Mr. Ford's answer was to elect Democrats. Whether he is talking to a Democrat, or a Republican, that simply is not even close to a real answer, let alone an actual answer to that question. Maybe it was not the best question to ask. Perhaps it was unrealistic to expect a meaningful answer to such a question in only a few minutes.

However, this was a great reminder that we should look to celebrities and heroes for inspiration, not for answers. In fact it’s up to each of us, not politicians, to solve problems determine what costs we are willing to make to preserve our planet and freedom at the same time. Remember the buck doesn’t stop with the UN, the president, the senate, or congress. It stops with you.

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